Reiki Life Lessons

Reiki Life Lessons

Aug 21, 2023

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Reiki Life Lessons

Here are five life lessons I have learned so far from regular Reiki practice.  

  1. Mindful Presence: Reiki encourages being present in the moment, fostering awareness of thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. I have found practicing daily promotes mindfulness and I find myself enjoying my day more, finding contentment and more engagement from simple tasks. Practically it provides unwavering patience for my 4 year old and a more relaxed attitude for the chaos of a small home with lots of people.

  2. Emotional Balance: Reiki helps you recognise and navigate your emotions, promoting a healthier relationship with them. Even just the idea of feeling all the emotions and acknowledging then so as to address them, creates overall greater emotional resilience. Not that is always feels great at the time, but we know after the gym we feel better.

  3. Self-Care and Wellness: Reiki underscores the importance of self-care and self-healing. With children, work and life in general making time for self care is something new for me. I don’t know if it was something I didn’t need before as I do now, or it is simply the awareness. Self treatment, yoga, a coffee alone are all self care. Note: To all the parents, work is not a break from childcare. Homemaking is not a break from work. Take 10 minutes to breathe —  that's self care.

  4. Compassion and Empathy: Reiki’s principles of kindness and compassion extend not only to yourself but also to others. As you connect with the compassionate energy of Reiki, you may find it easier to empathise with others, fostering deeper and more meaningful relationships.

  5. Intuition and Inner Guidance: Reiki enhances your intuitive abilities by promoting a deeper connection with your inner wisdom. Through regular practice, you can learn to trust your intuition, make better decisions, and navigate life’s challenges with greater insight and clarity. This is maybe the magic you never new you needed, and I am so excited to see where this leads.

Care to join me on this harmonious path?