My Journey with Reiki

My Journey with Reiki

Aug 4, 2023

Open Hands Cupping

My Journey with Reiki

At the age of 15, I found myself grappling with the challenges of school, unsure of which subjects to pursue and navigating strained friendships. It was during this period that a family friend recommended Reiki healing as a way to find clarity and balance.

With a sense of openness and curiosity, I agreed to a Reiki session scheduled for the following week. Welcomed into a serene atmosphere, I was led upstairs to a cozy room adorned with crystals, angel cards, and other treasures. As I settled onto a massage bed layered with a comforting blanket, a feeling of calm washed over me. The session commenced, and amidst the soothing energy, I found myself engaging in a relaxed conversation. Questions arose about the sensations I experienced  —  gentle touches on my shoulders or feet, and the delicate chiming of bells. This encounter with Reiki not only reoriented me but also introduced me to a world of guardian angels, crystals, and other realms.

In the ensuing years, I continued to seek solace and knowledge through Reiki sessions with Lynn. I alternated between quiet reflection, absorbing the Reiki’s effects, and enthusiastic inquiries, thirsting for understanding. Reiki sessions became cherished gifts for special occasions, and I eagerly invested in extra sessions as I embarked on my professional journey.

I’m not exactly sure what happened, yet for the next decade I did not interact with Reiki. The enchantment remained, something to be revisited at the opportune moment. My path unfolded through university and work, marked by a strong search for purpose. Reiki remained dormant, a whisper at the edge of my awareness.

At 31, I experienced the profound moment of giving birth to my son in a nurturing birthing center. Surrounded by supportive women, I felt a familiarity that defied explanation  —  an echo of past encounters with Reiki.

Months rolled on, and the resonance persisted. The act of breastfeeding and practicing yoga evoked echoes of Reiki, but they were mere echoes, not the symphony I sought. The quest led me to search for Reiki practitioners, only to encounter obstacles—  closed centers, unavailable appointments. However, what I did find was countless opportunity to learn Reiki myself. And there it was.

I embarked on this new chapter, learning Reiki Level 1, and embracing daily practice. Progressing to Level 2, I extended Reiki’s embrace to loved ones, friends, friends of friends. The desire to deepen my understanding and share this transformative practice with others fuelled my determination to attain Level 3.

And now, my journey leads me to “Reiki with Verity.” Guided by an unwavering passion, I step forth to embrace this new endeavour — an endeavour rooted in the belief that Reiki can illuminate paths, heal hearts, and enrich lives.

Care to join me?