Judge me when you are perfect

Judge me when you are perfect

Feb 20, 2019

Desktop with books and a cup

Unconventional? Maybe. Is my life a big mess? Absolute not.

Life has many unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes we react in ways that shock and surprise those around us. I am currently unemployed, 6 months pregnant and living with my boyfriend across our two flats. Unconventional? Maybe. Is my life a big mess? Absolute not.

When I was home for Christmas I saw the look on people’s faces as they ask more and more questions about my current living situation; When are you moving to a bigger flat? What do you mean you don’t need a nursery! Why are you not looking for a new job? What are you doing?

As fate would have it, my partner and I were both made redundant at the time we found out we were pregnant. We both went for interviews for new jobs but saw the many benefits of taking a few months off. There is money for rent and food and general living, and if there is no fancy new handbag or extravagant holiday there is no stress with money. Instead, we have time. The most valuable thing at all.

I am sure when my baby is a year or 18 months old, they will go to a crèche and both my partner and I will go back to work. We will move into a fancy new apartment and have a nursery and all that goes with it. But for now? New job and moving vs time and staying put? I’ll take a walk in the park and a day laying on the sofa with my boyfriend cuddling my ever growing tummy over a mortgage appointment — 100%.

There is a season or a chapter for all things, and right now I want time to simply be here in the moment.